Thomas Tomb (1832)

  • Location: Main St (Route 27), near Pembroke line, prior to the intersection with Plymouth St. Approximately 42.04257,-70.84692.
  • Condition: The stone fencing, stone tombs, and two obelisks on this site are in fairly good condition. The site is occasionally cleared of overgrowth. However, the GoogleMaps street view of the site, photographed in October 2008, shows the site as overgrown with brush and small trees.
  • Transcriptions and/or photographs of its gravestones are also available at: FindAGrave; BillionGravesHistory of Houses in Hanson, Mass.; History of the Town of Hanson (Hanson, MA: Hanson Historical Committee, 1959), Chapter 14: Cemeteries and Burial Grounds; abbreviated in Vital Records of Hanson as G.R.4.
Thomas Tomb, circa 1959. Image from History of the Town of Hanson.

Thomas Tomb, circa 1959. Image from History of the Town of Hanson.

Thomas Tomb, 1930. Hanson Assessor's Map.

Thomas Tomb, 1930. Hanson Assessor’s Map, Plan 39.

Thomas Tomb, ca. 2009. Photograph courtesy of David Lindblom.

Thomas Tomb, ca. 2009. Photograph courtesy of David Lindblom.


Excerpt from History of the Town of Hanson: On Main Street to the right, almost in Bryantville Square, are two tombs where the members of the old-time Thomas families used to be interred many years ago. Since the public burying grounds have been established, these tombs are no longer of any use.

Died            Age

Rebecca Thomas, born 1810 1879

Marcus Thomas 1881 71 yrs.

Louisa, their daughter 1904 70 yrs.

Levi Thomas Tomb 1832

Lydia, his wife

Children: Sally, Levi, Heman, Marcus, Nathaniel, Thatcher, Elija, Benjamin

In Joseph B. White’s History of Houses in Hanson, Mass. (1932), the “Thomas Tombs” were identified as Plan No. 4, Site No. B. Mrs. G. T. Moore informed Joseph B. White that the site: “Consist[s] of two tombs, first built in 1823 by Levi Thomas Sr., father of Elihu, Benjamin, Marcus, Nathaniel, Heman, Thatcher, and Levi, father of L. Z. Thomas. He lived at the corner of Main and Plymouth Streets, just a short distance east of Agusta Sampson’s. His son Thatcher later had a store at this place. His wife was the first body placed in this tomb. The second tomb was built in 1847 by Marcus, Heman, and others. More recently, Mrs. Mae Damon had her uncle Heman’s body together with those of his wife and children removed to Fern Hill Cemetery. L. Z. Thomas also brought a lot and had his first wife’s body, together with bodies of four or five children removed from the tomb. The body of Elihu Thomas was allowed to remain in the tomb. Marcus and Rebecca and their only child Louisa, who at her death was an old lady and the last one placed in the tomb. Phoebe Agnes, sister of L. Z. Thomas, was an inmate of the Alms House many years where she died, and her body was placed in the tomb”.