Munroe Cemetery (1759)

  • Location: Off unpaved driveway which services several private houses (entrance to driveway located on Main Street, across the street from Hanson Hobby). Cemetery located in the woods on right side of the driveway after entering, just prior to the private homes. Approximately 42.040226,-70.872669.
  • Condition: Overgrown, although occasionally cleared by volunteers. This cemetery is very shady under numerous trees and is usually covered by leaves and small brush, many gravestones knocked over.
  • Transcriptions and/or photographs of its gravestones are also available at: FindAGraveBillionGravesOld Cemeteries of Southeastern Massachusetts; History of the Town of Hanson (Hanson, MA: Hanson Historical Committee, 1959), Chapter 14: Cemeteries and Burial Grounds; abbreviated in Vital Records of Hanson as G.R.3.
Munroe Cemetery, circa 1959. Image from History of the Town of Hanson.

Munroe Cemetery, circa 1959. Image from History of the Town of Hanson.


Munroe Cemetery, 1930. Hanson Assessor’s Map, Plan 34.

Excerpt from History of the Town of Hanson:

“Another is found between the railroad tracks and the houses on Main Street, about in the rear of the late Elliot Wade place. It was called the Monroe private burying ground, originally in an open field surrounded by a heavy dense forest of pine trees and the burial place of the wife of Henry Munroe, Sr., who with several children died of smallpox in 1759. Later half an acre was appropriated for the use of inhabitants of the vicinity. George Munroe died 1820; Mary Munroe, wife of George, died 1839; Benjamin Munroe died 1824; Abigail, wife of Benjamin, died 1836. This cemetery was also used by the Bisbees. The last person to be buried here was Mr. Cyphus Howard, the father of Channing Howard who owned a store in Bryantville”.

Transcription from Charles’s Thatcher’s Old Cemeteries of Southeastern Massachusetts (Middleboro, MA: Friends of the Middleboro Public Library: 1995):

Records of Monroe Cemetery At So. Hanson, in field between Main St. & Railroad.


  • William, died July 3, 1846, 36 yrs.


  • Henry, died Apr. 14, 1794, 79 yrs.
  • Hannah, dau. of Henry Josselyn and wife of Henry Monroe, died of Small Pox, Dec. 20, 1759, 41st yr.
  • Mercy, dau. of Henry and Hannah, died Dec. 17, 1759, 14 yrs. [of Small Pox]
  • Bennett, son of Henry and Hannah, died Dec. 23, 1759, in 4th yr. [of Small Pox]
  • George W., died Feb. 17, 1826, 67th year.
  • Mary, wife of George W., Sept. 2, 1839, 69th yr.
  • Sarah, wife of George W., 1787, 37 yrs.
  • Harriet, died Feb. 13, 1832, 39th yr.
  • Charles Jr., died May 17, 1842, 42 yrs, 10 mos., 20 days.
  • Benjamin, died Sept. 24, 1824, 73 years.
  • Abigail, wife of Benjamin, Nov. 10, 1836, 69 yrs.
  • Mary, wife of Benjamin,  Aug. 26, 1813, 63 yrs, 5 mos.
  • Ruth A., wife of Benjamin, May 21, 1866, 49th yr.
  • Tirzah, wife of Benjamin, Aapr. 18, 1843, 49 yrs, 4 mos.
  • Abigail, dau of Benjamin and Abigail, Apr. 10, 1836, 51 yrs.
  • Miss Elizabeth, died May 3, 1837, 17 yrs.
  • William, son of George W. and Sarah, Stillborn Nov. 13, 1784.


  • Sarah, wife of Christopher and daughter of Major Edward Howard, died Sept. 6, 1768, 54th yr.


  • Elisha, son of Hosea, drowned July 29, 1838, 15 yrs.