Macomber/Perry/Winter St. Tomb

Macomber Tomb alias Perry Tomb alias Winter Street Tomb (19th century?)

Excerpt from History of the Town of Hanson: “There are also three other tombs in town; one on Winter Street, called the Macomber tomb…”.

According to Veteran Graves in Hanson – All Wars (Hanson, Mass.: s.n., 1930?, courtesy of the Hanson Public Library), Revolutionary War soldier Thomas Pratt was “buried in the Winter St. Tomb – Grave No. 50-R – no stone”. “In the case of the Winter Street Tomb we accepted information received from Mr. Lucius Arnold, an old inhabitant of this town that Thomas Pratt a Revolutionary War veteran was buried there”. Arnold also reported that the body of Nathaniel Cole (1775 – 30 May 1836) who served in the War of 1812 “was moved from the tomb on Winter St. to this cemetery [Fern Hill] about 50 years ago. We received this information from Mr. Lucius Arnold who is ninety years of age and can remember the incident and place of burial in Fern Hill”.

Perry Tomb, 1935. From 1935 Hanson Assessor's Map.

Perry Tomb, 1935. From 1935 Hanson Assessor’s Map, Plan 81.

At a Special Town Meeting held 3 May 1999, Hanson voters voted on “ARTICLE 18 : To see if the Town will vote to transfer from free cash a sum of money to deconsecrate and remove the burial tomb on Winter Street or take any other action in relation thereto”. Proposed by the Veteran’s Agent Finance Committee recommends. VOTED Aye, voice to transfer from FREE CASH the sum of $2,500.00 to deconsecrate and remove the burial tomb on Winter Street.